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Parking & Revenue

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Parking & Revenue.
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At Carolina Time we offer a wide range of parking control equipment and revenue based parking systems.
Take a look at our parking and revenue solutions:.
Show All    Airports    Hospitals    Hotels    Medical Centers    Offices    Residential    Retail    Universities                                  Parking Control                                   Our full line of parking control equipment includes parking gates, ticket dispensers, pay stations, exit machines, vehicle detection loops, and detectors.
We design systems of all scopes and sizes for surface parking lots to multi-level parking structures.

Access Control                                   We’ve simplified programming

enhanced the comprehensive parker database and increased overall flexibility to make our systems more powerful than ever before.
We offer systems using magnetic stripe, barcode, proximity, Smartcard, RFID, and other technologies.
Revenue Control Software                                   Our revenue based parking solutions make parking easy with an array of options including automated and unattended parking, pay-in-lane, pay-on-foot, validation, barcode scanning as well as prepaid, cash and credit card payment options.
Wayfinding Signage                                   Monitor space utilization in real-time to achieve maximum occupancy and ensure smooth traffic flow.
Our count management solutions offer interactive facility mapping, remote control of devices, and up-to-the-minute statistics for a single facility or multiple locations with central management.
Valet Systems                                   Our technologically advanced valet systems provide automated cashiering, fee calculation, ticket tracking, conditional parking, revenue reporting, and vehicle imagery to optimize revenue.
Our advanced technology enables fast ticket processing thereby minimizing entry queues and speeding up retrieval times.
Event Parking Systems                                   Now you can revolutionize and modernize a traditional cash business, replacing it with fast, efficient cashless automation.
Our event system creates prepaid and credit card options that speed throughput and provide secure revenue management.
Reducing cash handling minimizes financial loss and maximizes profits.
Parking Guidance Systems                                   Our advanced parking guidance systems employ digital imaging and LED indicators to help parkers quickly find available spaces.
Our license plate capture technology allows them to find their cars upon return, seamlessly integrating customer service, security, and control.
Hotel Systems                                   Our hotel systems allow personnel simply select check-in/out dates and room number to encode and activate guest room cards for parking access.
Cards are valid for the selected duration of stay, providing hassle-free parking, and charges are automatically tracked and reported for daily posting to guest room folios.
Modular Buildings                                   We provide our customers with cost-effective and highly functional alternatives to conventional construction with our modular buildings such as cashier booths, guard houses, portable offices, toll booths and pay station awnings.
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Want to learn more.
Check out our data sheets.
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