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Included Features Online booking

                                                   15th Oct 2018                   Salon              24                                                    Project Description                CN  Marketing  developed a mobile app for XTLS.
This app provides online booking, business  information , special offers and more.
Keep up to date with all the latest business  information  and news.
Find out  about  offers and promotions.
Receive exclusive discounts and incentive                    Client Overview                XTLS has 5 locations around  South Africa .
One of their Unique Selling Points at XTLS is to accelerate confidence to all their deadlocks gurus by converting, styling and excelling in  our services .
Included Features           Online  booking.
Custom Page.
Contact Us.
Catalogue/ Product/ Pricelist.
Image Gallery.
Automated Dialing.
Social Media  Integration .
Individual Push  Notification s.
In-App Messages.
My Account.
Project info          &#xf101 Client XTLS  &#xf2e6 Category Mobile App Design  &#xf22a Tags Extensions, Dreadlocks, Hair, Salon  &#xf2a6 Project url                             Sustainable  Your products and services are available in your Users hand at all times; therefore you decrease the amount of printing done for  your business .
                User-Friendly  Our mobile apps are easy to use and optimised for faster loading available for download on Android and IOS.
                Communication  You are afforded the opportunity to increase brand awareness, customer reach and improve sales by communicating through your app.
                Feedback  Customer comments and concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently.
Expand your customer database through the use of forms and reviews on your mobile app.

                Accessibility  Become more visible

offline modes are available.
This means that the User enjoys access to the app even when they aren’t connected to the internet.
                Engagement  Build lasting relationships to create a sense of loyalty with your Users, reintroduce yourself to the technological generation and drive new clients to your business.

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