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Chairman Read More Rahul Pandhi

Meet Our  Executive Team .
Our  executive team  is comprised of elite business and technology leaders with proven experience driving results for government programs.
Holding diverse backgrounds and unique experiences within the federal technology contractor community, each leader demonstrates an unwavering commitment to CollabraLink’s mission of accelerating government’s digital  transformation .
Get to know the team below.
Yash Pandhi.
Chairman   Read More    Rahul Pandhi.

CEO   Read More     Luana Lewis
President and Chief Operating Officer   Read More    Mike Deutsch
Chief Growth Officer   Read More     John Noh
Chief Financial Officer   Read More    Josh Bailes

EVP, .

Digital Services   Read More     Philip Crowe

Vice President, .

Business Development   Read More    Lara Thornley Hall

Vice President, .

Operations   Read More     Yoko Jolly

Vice President, .

Operations   Read More    Sean Fitzpatrick

Vice President, .

User Experience   Read More     Tim Kelly

Vice President, .

Operational Excellence   Read More              Contact the CollabraLink Team

To learn more about our leadership team or get more  information  regarding our services and capabilities, please use the contact form to the right.

A CollabraLink team member will be in touch shortly


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