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Features of Supply Chain Analytics

Supply  Chain Analytics .
Supply  Chain Analytics .
Supply  Chain Analytics .
Analyze inventory stocks, gain data-driven insights, forecast Sales, optimize pricing, and improve operational efficiency & effectiveness                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Supply Chain  Distribution Challenges During Covid-19.
Balance of efficiency and resilience.
Demand Volatility​.
Changes in consumer spending habits and shift in channels​.

Traditional Supply chain networks​

Almost 75% of companies surveyed reported supply disruption, and 16% of those companies have adjusted their revenue targets downward – Institute for Supply Management                                                                                                                                                                        Supply Chain  Analytics and Reports.
Industries need to rethink and devise responsive strategies in this pandemic situation.
To ensure business continuity, industries with mature  supply chain s like retail and manufacturing need to create a resilient supply chain dashboard with intuitive data analytics and reports.
A better visualization helps in executing quick and agile  supply chain  decisions.
Features of  Supply Chain  Analytics.
Planning Out Of Stock.

Helps in identifying your most important SKU’s and plan supply chain around it

Integrate  data sources  like shopper panel, mobility index to correct and accurately forecast demand.
Collaboration Using Chatbot.
Sales and operational chatbot, built on top of the dashboard to answer any query on the data.

Provide dashboards & BI visuals

drill down seamlessly and make it available in any channel.
Check asset utilization and re-configure assembly lines and operations in line with demand and  constraints .

Warehouse: Stock Risk And DC Planning

Take inventory of your stock at risk and ensure upstream supply chain is reconfigured to reduce risk.
Utilize warehouse space more efficiently.

Logistics: Truck Planning And Utilization

Monitor delivery times and utilization of trucks.
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