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by   Welcome to the AMANAC wiki

A                                                                  B                                                                  C                                                                  H                                                                  I                                                                  S                                                                  W.
by            Amanac wiki.
by        Welcome to the AMANAC wiki.
This wiki is an open resource to support and encourage further collaboration to deliver AMANAC’s core aims of maximizing the impact of the participating projects.
The wiki allows sharing of information and exchange of ideas, and also aims to stimulate further research collaboration.

The wiki is easy to use and any member […]     Austrian Initiatives

July 15, 2015   by    Leave a Comment   Institution Description contact OIB EPBD implementation in Austria (legislation) [email protected] ECTP in Austria (ACTP) Austrian Construction Technology Platform Dr.
Peter Kremnitzer [email protected] Haus der Zukunft RTD project funding [email protected] Klima- und Energiefonds RTD project funding [email protected] Klima:aktiv Certificate [email protected] Data base with certified buildings ÖGNB Certificate Mag.
Susanne Geissler [email protected] Passivhaus Austria Data base […]     Biocomposites for Advanced Profiles Adapted to Building Envelope (OSIRYS Project).
June 10, .

2016   by    Leave a Comment   OSIRYS project     Concrete and Masonry Materials Gallery

May 23, 2017   by    Leave a Comment   Please click on the gallery images below to view the product details and material properties.
Category: Concrete and Masonry Materials Textile Reinforced Concrete was developed as part of the H-HOUSE project For further information on Textile Reinforced Concrete please [email protected] or visit Category: Concrete and Masonry Materials Reactive Powder Concrete (RPC) was developed as part […]     1.
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