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Exemplary Previous Lightweight TechTalks

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Upcoming Lightweight TechTalks    13.08.2020 | TAPE INTEGRATION INTO INJECTION MOLDED PARTS    28.08.2020 | COMPOSITES & SUSTAINABILITY    29.09.2020 | RECYCLING OF COMPOSITES.
Exemplary Previous Lightweight TechTalks.
Lightweight TechTalks by AZL.
Digital platform for technology insights and networking.
Inspired by the great response to the interactive workgroups, AZL set up the compact and digital format “Lightweight TechTalk“ for technology and market insights and for networking in the field of lightweight production.
In a 6-week rhythm, inspiring industry presentations open up different perspectives on lightweight business and technologies.
Participants can identify relevant contacts and get in touch directly via participant profiles and the personal chat.
Participation is free of charge and open to all companies, .

Even beyond the AZL partner network

Upcoming Lightweight TechTalks.
29.09.2020 SUSTAINABILITY AND RECYCLING OF COMPOSITES – Lightweight TechTalk Click for more details and free registration     Previous Lightweight TechTalks.
TAPE INTEGRATION INTO INJECTION MOLDED PARTS – Lightweight TechTalk      In this Lightweight TechTalk material and system experts presented their technological solutions for bringing thermoplastic tapes in injection molded parts.
This talk edition is following up on a completed study with 20 involved companies evaluating the potential and challenges of saving costs through the use of UD tape inserts tapes in injection molding.

Number of Participations: 120 Speaker:  Jeff Sloan | Composites World | News radar

René Laschak | Mitsui Chemicals Europe GmbH | Performance Improvement of Injection Molded Parts by the Use of Carbon Fiber UD Tapes.

Sem Sals | Polyscope Polymers| Hybrid Material Combinations in Composites
Arne Büttner | AFPT GmbH| Automated Production of Composite Inlays
Alexander Peitz | AZL | Ultra Fast Consolidator Individualized

Large Series Thermoplastic Tape Placement.

Coen Hartjes | TPRC | Overmolding of C/ PAEK Composites

Harold Kutschera | simcon kunststofftechnische Software GmbH | Simulation Aspects of UD Tapes in the Injection Molding Process.
Download of Presentations              COMPOSITES AND ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING – Lightweight TechTalk      In this Lightweight TechTalk, the speakers from the composites industry provided a detailed overview of additive manufacturing production technologies in combination with composite production comprising insights into innovative applications and latest manufacturing systems.
Number of Participations: 175 Speaker:  Jeff Sloan | Composites World | News radar on composites and additive manufacturing.

David Hauber | Trelleborg | Additive Manufacturing with carbon fiber composites
Riley Reese | ARRIS Composites | Convergence of composites and high volume manufacturing

delivering next gen consumer and vehicle structures.

Cole Nielsen | Orbital Composites | Mars and the self-replicating machines

Kamran Samaie | Conbility | New table based machine system for additive tape placement with laser assisted in situ consolidation.
Download of presentations           DESIGN METHODOLOGY FOR MULTI MATERIAL LIGHTWEIGHT COMPONENTS – Lightweight TechTalk      In this TechTalk, three inspiring presentations opened up different perspectives on product development and potential assessment of multi-material lightweight components.
Number of Participations: 105 Speaker:  Warden Schijve | Sabic | Design with thermoplastic composites from materialproducer‘s perspective.
Jonathan Spree | Institute for Machine Elements and Systems Engineering of RWTH Aachen University | Modell-based system engineering.

André Wilkes | Rafinex | Design from material producer‘s perspective

Download of presentations         In cooperation with:   CompositesWorld supports the Lightweight TechTalk with current news from the composites market matching the respective topic of the Lightweight TechTalk.
Alexander Knauff.
Manager Industrial Services  Phone: +49 241 4757 3516 Mail:         We support you with business development and technology development in lightweight production          Join the AZL Partner Network to benefit from collaboration projects and platforms for joint technology development and business development.

Tel.: +49 241 475735 0 Fax: +49 241 475735 18


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