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such as TripAdvisor or EventimGuide

Free phone consultation:   Free phone consultation:   Free phone consultation:

en de.
Unser Team zeigt Ihnen in 15 Minuten alle Vorteile von bookingkit  Full Name    Email address     Website    Phone     Street Address          Get a free Live Demo    bookingkit for rentals.
The perfect solution for rental services.
Ideal for bike rentals, recreational vehicles, boats and more.
bookingkit gives you an essential overview of your rental inventory combined with the ease and convenience of online booking.
Whether for boats, cars, trucks or recreational vehicles, bookingkit lets you manage your entire business using a single calendar.
See your booking times and availability at any time.
Easily avoid double bookings.
bookingkit is the customizable solution for rental services.
Take your business digitaland start booking like the pros.
bookingkit provides you with everything you need to get your business up and running online and on mobile devices.
No technical knowledge is required.
The platform can be automatically integrated into your website in a matter of minutes, complete with your brand’s colors and fonts.
The power of digital booking lets you maintain a big picture view over your business — plus it’s faster and more convenient than your old appointment book.
Everything at a glance!Keep your calendar and revenue in view.
With bookingkit, you can say goodbye to managing your business and bookings by hand.
The bookingkit platform is designed to help you manage your calendar, activities, open and completed bookings, requests and participants.
And with clear overviews of your revenue stats, sales channels, customer management, marketing tools and capacity utilization, you can focus on making the right choices to improve your business.
Even bookkeeping is automated with bookingkit, giving you more time for the tasks that matter most.
A whole new level of overview.
With bookingkit, a few clicks is all it takes to manage, plan, confirm, cancel and rebook your appointments online.
No more searching through long lists of emails, no more embarrassing double bookings, and no more hand-written invoices.
bookingkit is the simple, digital solution for managing your business and winning back lost time.
bookingkit is the all-in-one solution for your business.
Start today and enjoy a 7-day free trial period without any obligation.
Consider it done.
bookingkit handles all your bookkeeping tasks for you — fully automatically and with customizable options to fit the needs of your business.
The document export feature makes it easy to produce records for your accountant or auditor.
And the integrated payment management tools simplify your transactions.
Wondering if you’ve been paid.
Not sure where to send a refund.
With bookingkit’s powerful software, there’s no need to even ask.
All sales channels at a glance.
bookingkit lets you easily see who your customers are and which channels are bringing in the most rentals.
You can assign products and services to specific sales channels, such as TripAdvisor or EventimGuide, for customized marketing that fits your business.
Plus: bookingkit is completely provider neutral.
You get unbiased information about how your business works so that you can make the right optimization decisions.
Marc Beyer.
Stadthafen Halle.
By using bookingkit we can promote the rental of our boats.
Through the opportunity of online booking we can reach more customers, though our utilised capacity increases.
We also expect to enforce the awareness for our customers by using the marketing partners of bookingkit.
bookingkit gives you unlimited bandwidth, indefinite contractual periods, and weekly payouts on your generated revenue.
No long waiting periods or strict payout conditions to collect the money you’ve earned.
And with our outstanding payment partners, you can rest assured that your money is on its way and in accordance with current financial directives.
+49 30 609850320    Full Name    Email address     Website    Phone     Street Address          Get a free Live Demo.

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You will receive an email confirmation, and be called by a member of our team within 1 business day.
You will then be provided a screensharing link so you can see our solution in action, and how bookingkit will help grow your business.
Should you prefer to schedule the appointment for a specific date and time, .

Simply book your slot                   [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]


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